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Amaryllis (Remastered)

by Catchlight

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Prenatal 02:11
Eclosion 06:30
Am I real ? Am I completed ? Am I one of yours or just one of your dreams ? Am I fuzzy ? Am I clear ? Am I just a thing you could make disappear ? Tell me why I'm lying here floating under white lights ! All these words in my mind But I don't know what you're looking for So many things you left behind But do I have a soul ? Empty spaces So many words in my head Crossroads I'm undefined Reality runs away from me I cannot catch anything Cannot catch anything Give me an answer Just light my way Tell me what I'm doing here !
Long Night 05:47
Please pay attention I am not the one you want me to be There are contradictions Between what you think and what is real Change your perspective This world is not your enemy You have to believe me when I say There is another way, another key I've been here for such a long time But I've never seen the light Please pay attention This place is not what you want it to be There are contradictions Between what you say and what you think Change your perspective This world is not full of enemies You have to believe me when I say There is another way, another key You told me so many things About this long night But nobody here has never seen the light Sunlight !
Hey ! I was asleep until this day Now I'm awake I wanna play Live my life in my own way And I just don't wanna stay here You're prisonner behind these walls Hey don't wanna wait Because there's no time to waste And I can see those pretty lights away I'm sure that's a good place to stay I just wanna go there anyway A secure land where I can live and play Hey everyday is the same here White rooms white lights syringe and silence Nothing is changing this place is killing me Just let me breathe, smell, and feel this world around And I don't belong to you ! Hey don't wanna play your fucking games 'Cause there's no time to waste
Criminals 05:02
Pain I can feel you suffering Again screaming like a dog you're unchained I don't know how to relive you from your pain And make you have a blackout Make them understand 'Cause you're screaming like a dog Criminals The door is wide open now Open on a room full of sickness Nightmares Only the darkest ones This place looks like a dead end Where no one can hear you
Chrysalide 07:43
I feel lonely surrounded by bodies I think I did, I know I did it Scary little soul I am Scary little creature I was so blind Why did you this to me ? Who the hell do you think you are ? You're nothing but pathetic puppets You are the ones to blame, not me I lost a part of me that night I thought I could help you to see the light But finally did this You thought you were safe here But I can feel your fear I know what you are inside Don't put me in that cage again I'm not a weapon you can Handle when you want to kill a man again Don't wanna kill a man again I just wanna close my eyes and fall asleep I just can't help it, I just can't resist When it's growing up in me
Far beyond your own sight There are things you'll never know Even under your light you're blind When you don't let them grow I know you are proud and old But in this world you're all children Playing games with a useless crown Scared lords in your hidden kingdom What makes you think you're superior ? I found the link you're searching for I've always been the key and now I know Now I see how I could let then grow Let's turn off the light...


Amaryllis, the final hope for a human race on the verge of extinction…

The Long Night has plunged the Earth into cold darkness.

The surface has become hostile, but a tiny part of the population has been granted asylum and possible salvation behind the walls of an underground city lit by a solar simulator and managed by an A.I. answering to the name E.O.S.

Up on the surface, far from giving up the ghost, humanity has adapted to an inhospitable world.

Deprived of the ability to speak, mankind has learned to communicate through an entity called the Spirit, and whose exact nature remains unknown.

More than a thousand years have passed since the beginning of the Long Night, and today sees the birth of a hybrid being in the laboratories of the city of Amaryllis.

His name is Tithonus...


released July 11, 2018




Catchlight France

Catchlight is a progressive rock metal band. Their first concept album Amaryllis, released in 2016, has been well received by the public and critics.

More info on www.catchlight.fr

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